7 Ways You Can Get Free Bitcoin!

get free bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is quickly growing and gaining importance with every passing day, and the most popular of the lot is Bitcoin. Many people are into bitcoin because of its volatility with prices and its ability to bring returns of over 400% profit. 

Bitcoin is now very expensive and sells for an average of $12000/Btc at the time of writing this article, making it a little out of reach for some categories of people. This article is focused on showing you the ways by which you can get Bitcoin for free.

There are a few ways to earn bitcoin for free legitimately, though those mediums are time-consuming and require patience. Some of the mediums or ways through which you can earn free bitcoin includes:

  1. Micro Earnings and Faucets
  2. Starting a Signature Campaign
  3. Playing Online Games
  4. Writing
  5. Bitcoin Mining
  6. Lending Out Coins
  7. Affiliate Programs


Micro Earnings and Faucets

Micro earnings are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to earn free bitcoin, but it’s also the most time-demanding. This method demands that you complete tasks that last for a long period while earning bitcoin equivalent to a very few cents. 

BitcoinGet is a popular micro earnings site. You can visit the website, and all you need to get started is your Bitcoin wallet address. You basically get free bitcoin from them and have it sent to your wallet by completing tasks such as surveys, forms, etc.

There are websites where you earn money from clicking on ads. Faucets are grouped under this category, and the only difference is you earn the equivalent of that money in bitcoin. You can earn about 40cents/hour with constant clicking on ads.

Start a Signature Campaign

You could earn free bitcoin by starting a signature campaign and using your campaign to advertise a particular product and also from writing posts on that particular product. 

BitcoinTalk, which is a leading bitcoin forum, allows members to use their BitcoinTalk signature to run this kind of campaigns. You would need to be a full member though to get paid, and also membership level determines the kind of amount you would be paid in bitcoin.

Playing Online Games

You can also get free bitcoin from playing games, or viewing ads mid games. It works similarly to faucets. Some games offer a very small amount of bitcoin for viewing ads mid-game. 

These kinds of games are always filled with ads, and that may make your gaming experience unpleasant, but if you don’t mind viewing ads mid games, then this choice is right for you. Eventually, the tiny amounts of bitcoins earned would accumulate and become substantial after a while.

Writing to Get Free Bitcoin

If you are a good writer, and you are interested in earning bitcoins, then you are going to love this part of the article. Due to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry, many news and information outlets dedicated to reporting and writing news or information about cryptocurrency are springing out everywhere. 

Many of these outlets need good writers with some knowledge of cryptocurrency as they need to be churning out about a dozen crypto-related articles a week. You can earn a pretty decent amount of bitcoin if you are a decent writer and can find a gig with one of these outlets.

There are always job openings in these outlets as most of their writers are always freelance, so there’s a decent chance you can find one by looking at the jobs section of a crypto-related magazine or newspaper. There are also freelance sites in which you could create a profile, register as a freelancer, and ask to be paid in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining

Mining Bitcoin has become expensive due to the high electricity costs, hardware costs, and technical know-how involved. But if you happen to have access to free electricity, and also have the hardware and technical knowledge needed, then you can mine and earn free bitcoin from the comfort of your home. 

There are also some services online that offer to give you a few equivalent cents of bitcoin in return for using about 20% of your computer’s hardware computing power. Another option is to pay someone else to help you handle the mining equipment, and then you split the profits.

Even more, so many websites on the internet offer this service. Be sure to be on the lookout for legit ones as there are plenty of scams out there.

Lending Out Coins

Another medium through which you can earn free bitcoin is through lending bitcoin. If you already own some bitcoin and you want to earn some free bitcoin on it, instead of leaving it sitting idle in your wallet, then you can lend your bitcoin out. 

Some websites connect Bitcoin Borrowers to lenders. Lending out Bitcoin is very risky, and because of that, the interest rates are very high, as high as 15%. This is a very risky method, though. Also, most times there’s no collateral or anything of such involved the borrowers usually default, leaving the lenders without their bitcoin or the interest. 

It’s a high risk, high reward kind of medium. If you are a high-risk taker, then you could try this option out.

Affiliate Programs

You can get free bitcoin by promoting different affiliate programs. You get paid in bitcoin when you promote an affiliate and have people register and patronize the services or products you are promoting through your referral link. 

Also, you would have to do some serious promotion to earn a substantial amount of bitcoin. You can always run promotions through your various social media profiles such as facebook and twitter. 

Furthermore, you can also run and pay for ad campaigns or create a sales funnel to channel people to your referral link

To Wrap It Up

This article covers most of the possible ways to get free bitcoin legitimately. Some are very risky, while some demand a considerable amount of time and effort. 

What is sure from all these mediums is that earning free bitcoin is not easy, but if you are up for all the risks, time, and effort needed, then, by all means, go for it.

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